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New design of the equal and fast application of adhesive device for tiles

We have taken our customers' comments and improved the functionality and accuracy of the glue application device for the ceramic tile.

Our technical department is constantly working to improve the functionality and adaptation of our range of glue application devices.

What changes (innovations) in the NetYou II 600 and NetYou II 800 tile adhesive applicators?

  1. now the device does not dirty the sides of the ceramic tile when applying glue to the tile
  2. reinforcement of the construction by changing the profile of the reinforcement bar has been applied
  3. added sizes of square tines to choose from (8x8 and 12x12)
  4. added sizes of semi-circular tines of choice (14x10 and 20x15)
  5. Applying glue to very small and large format ceramic tiles (up to 80 cm) will be even easier.

We are keen to make our tile adhesive application device not only for professionals, but also for people laying ceramic tiles themselves at home.

The device has been adapted to work with a special table with roller strips (soon to be launched) - details to follow soon.

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