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Equal and fast application of adhesive on the tiles - professional tool for the tiller

Save time and energy with our fast tile adhesive application equipment! You can lay up to 100 m² of flooring in one day.

Our devices guarantee a perfectly applied adhesive on ceramic tiles, without waste or wastage of material. Get the assurance that your floor will be durable and solid for many years.

The unique adhesive application technology allows the adhesive to be evenly distributed over the entire surface, even with uneven subfloors. You don't have to worry about imperfections or mismatches - our equipment is a guarantee of perfect quality work.

Make your work easier with our tile adhesive application devices! Without unnecessary equipment and without working on your knees, you can lay your dream floor quickly and easily.

Enjoy aesthetically pleasing and permanently glued ceramic tiles thanks to our quick glue application devices. With us, you will gain professional tools that will allow you to easily and quickly achieve the desired result.

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