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Tool for even and quick application of glue on ceramic tiles max 80 cm

NetYou 2-800


Much faster glue application on the ceramic tile, porcelain stoneware and stone than with the traditional method!

100 m² (and more) in one day - now it's possible!

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431 zł. tax incl.

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Technical data

  • The width of the applied adhesive layer: from 0 to 80 cm.
  • The dimensions of the teeth of the comb (continuously adjustable): from 0x0 (smooth lubrication of the plate) to 8 mm x 8 mm.
  • The thickness of the applied adhesive (the height of the teeth above the plate): from 0 to approx. 30 mm depending on the thickness of the plate.
  • 100% acid-resistant stainless steel: 1 mm.
  • Weight: about 2.8 kg.
  • Product code: NetYou 2-800

Terms of use - Before starting work

  1. Place the device on a flat surface that will not scratch the tile and with the possibility of tightening (OSB, GK, wooden top, etc.)
  2. Set the width of the device (max 60 cm) by setting the plate between the sides of the device after adding 1 mm of play, so that the plate moves freely (front, back)
  3. Screw the device to the base (fixing screws are not included).
  4. Set the height of the comb above the plate so that it does not come into contact with it during operation (two 1mm feeler gauges for easy adjustment of the standard comb height above the plate (1mm) included in the kit.
  5. If the layer of applied adhesive on the tile is to be applied with an 8x8 mm comb, the smooth grease cap can be lifted completely up or dismantled.
  6. If the layer of adhesive applied on the plate is to be smooth, the overlay should be completely lowered over the comb, covering the teeth.

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Data sheet

Material Acid-resistant stainless steel sheet
Sheet thickness 1 mm
Notch size of the comb min: 0x0 - max: 8x8 mm
Adhesive layer width (min-max) max 80 cm


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