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  1. Purchases at a special discount
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  3. For EU companies (with an active VAT number), purchases at a net price - excluding VAT
  4. 25% discount for purchases over €1000 (value of products)
  5. Highest level of service and customer satisfaction

Terms and conditions:

  1. Register a "Customer" account (enter email and password) clicking here...
  2. If the value of your cart exceeds €1000 or its equivalent in another currency, an automatic discount of 25% of the value of the products in the cart will be charged.
  3. If you have an active European VATUE number:
    - provide it when registering your address
    - inform us that you have registered with an active VATUE number
    - we will immediately give you a special status in our store and your prices will be reduced by the value of VAT.
  4. If you have problems, contact us - we will help.

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